Special Events

Special Event Parking and Transportation Services

Parking Productions provides valet parking, directed self-parking and transportation services to Special Events in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.   

We’ll visit your site, design a specific plan unique to your needs and obtain proper parking locations and necessary permits as required.  On the day of your event, we’ll arrive with a neatly groomed, properly attired and pleasant staff of professionals eager to make the very best in first and last impressions for you and your guests. 

When necessary, we’ll make all arrangements to move your guests safely to and from different locations by way of golf cart, car or shuttle buses in clean and safe vehicles and coordinate efficient implementation with on-site dispatchers.

Special Event Greeter and Traffic Control Services

Don’t need parking? Parking Productions also provides customer-facing greeter, doorman, and traffic control services for Special Events in New York City and other large metropolitan areas where events are more often attended by guests arriving by car service or other means.  We’ve been supporting the fashion, sports, and entertainment industries for many years with smiling and friendly staff ready to greet and welcome your guests curbside, keep traffic moving in the street, and provide other supplementary manpower services as needed.

All of our services are performed by W2 employees, not contractors.  Our employees are backed by above industry standard workers compensation, garage keepers, general and excess liability insurance policies that always name our clients as additional insured.

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